Top 5 Reasons to choose specific development instead of CMS

Anouk Jodry, 2017/09/18

Discover why using a specific development to create its website is a better way to be online than using a CMS

Top 5 Reasons to choose specific development instead of CMS

Creating its website is the prerogative of any entrepreneur who wishes to make himself known and to reach a wider audience than its boutique. Nowadays it is very simple to create its online boutique: an entrepreneur has at his disposal a whole range of platforms, called CMS (Content Management System) which propose to him the easy and fast creation of a website, for a more or less competitive cost.


What is a CMS?


If your boss asks you a report about sales trends of the company during the past 3 years, you would certainly agree with me if I say that it is a bad idea to begin to draft this report the night before. It will be hard, with all the will in the world, to reach a satisfactory outcome. Although well-known and popular, CMS platforms do not offer an optimum solution, like a hastily drawn up report.

In general, you could say that the time spent developing a website is proportionnal to its quality. This means that a website developed in no time thanks to a CMS will not be of an outstanding quality. Certainly, if you have little technical knowledge this solution may seem attractive to you, but be aware that you will always have to get your hands dirty. Image formats to upload, changing design of your home page, copy paste JavaScript code from Google Analytics directly into your site ... just one wrong step and that will be a recipe for disaster!



What is specific development ?

 specific development of a websiteFortunately there are solutions to create excellent websites, that will meet your expectations!

Among these solutions you have the option of going through a web developer. It is somebody who deals with the creation of your website from scratch, it is as simple as that. Based on the graphic chart, he builds all the architecture of your project, from the header to the footer, the layout of the content and its colors, the CTA (Call to Action) buttons or the features you want such as e-mail form, online payments, user accounts, etc ...

In short, it is a literal multi-tool, ready to meet your every desire, and to adapt to all your requirements for web creation.




So you would like to be in the top results of Google?
Our team gathered for you the right reasons to use a specific development.

website of quality



So you are a professional, and you want to personalize the environment of your future website. You are absolutely right: if the site responds accurately to the specifications you have set, it will appear better. So if you've been thinking about a website, with specific applications and features, the specific development allows you to have custom pages and functions, that is created specifically for your website, and which exactly meets the criteria you have given. The result ? The experience of your users is greatly improved because your interface is adapted to their expectations, optimized for smooth and pleasant navigation: in a nutshell it is user friendly.

Let's say you have to choose between a small apartment or a loft apartment, which option do you prefer? The small apartment looks practical, but the loft offers you more flexibility. Loft or specific development, it is the same: they offer an architecture, structure and foundations of much better quality. So, loft or small apartment?

customized website



You want an unconventional website, capable of inspiring trust and confidence to your customers and leads. Well, the web developer will help you customize your website down to the smallest details! For those who already have a very precise idea of the front office of their site, and the design of their pages, it is the appropriate person to contact.

A developer acts a bit like an artistic director: imagine a ballet director. He guides all his dancers, ensures that the good sequences are realized, he corrects, adapts, and above all he makes sure that his group reaches a certain harmony so that the representation is beautiful and marks the spirits.

A developer is similarly charged with helping to gain ergonomics, and clarity. Its role is essential because it defines the graphic quality and the ease of use of the site: it improves its shape and its overall appearance.

support and advice to create its website



It is the guarantee not to be alone against all, because a professional accompanies you in the creation of your site, but also in its management. You want to change a button that does not work well? No problem, he is there for that and will not let you down to make changes and updates. It is important to take into account the latest developments in the digital sector for example, in order to keep its site attractive and well referenced!

Optimization of the positioning



A CMS is sometimes not optimized for your website to appear in the top search engine searches. So entrust the task of optimizing the positioning of your site to a developer! It is one of the key services that will help you to publicize your business: expertise in online positioning strategy. There is no point in creating a web page if it has no visibility. In comparison, you would not buy a bicycle without wheels! You would not go far. Obviously this may sound ridiculous, but imagine having invested in a nice interface for your users, and they do not find it. This is why SEO is absolutely key to conquer your online market because it allows your targets to get to know you, no less than that!

Check out our SEO article to learn more.

Security of a website



In general, whether for a Content Management System or for a specialized development unit, the database is protected internally, and its accesses are encrypted to provide optimal security. Similarly, the passwords of your users stored on the database are protected. So, yes a CMS offers good security, after all it is a must in such a risky environment as the internet: anyone could retrieve confidential information!

But watch out, when it is the people who is in charge of making the site on a platform like WordPress who lacks of experience, you can put in danger secret data and cause a big problem!


Latest tips before you jump in at the deep end:
  • Invest in a project that fits your ambitions and take the time to develop it! Always prefer quality to quantity, your users will return the sentiment.
  • Be sure to know the working method of your future web developer, and make sure of the quality of his work by asking references.


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