Understand AI in 5 min

Nicolas Schmitz, 2018/06/28

In this article we are disccusing about the nature of artificial intelligence and its possible applications in the future, especially in digital

Understand AI in 5 min

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and as its name suggests it consists of an imitation of human intelligence. One can therefore logically ask the following question: in what way imitating human intelligence can be useful to the human?

In fact, AI is already used in our society through all the software that we use daily in order to make our lives easier such as : at work, doing our shopping or during our morning jogging.

There are two forms of artificial intelligence: "weak" AI and "strong" IA.


AI "weak"

In its simplest form, the primary goal of AI is to save our time by assigning tasks to other intelligences than our brain. This first form of AI consists of programming digital tools using algorithms to perform more or less complex tasks.
For example, when using a watch or a connected device to run a jog, your watch has been assigned the task of calculating your heart rate, distance traveled, average speed or the amount of calories burned during the effort. In this case, your watch just applies what it was programmed for and simply displays the results of its calculations, which is why this type of AI is considered "weak".

AI "strong"

There is another form of IA so-called "strong AI" that is likely to be at the root of a new digital revolution in our future lives. Here, the goal is to create machines that can learn on their own, just like the human brain in their lifetime. The goal with this type of device is to allow your connected objects to learn according to the calculations they performed in order to be able to optimize your performance.
For example, your connected watch would not only calculate calories burned, but also advise you on a new course that is better suited to your physical abilities, or offer you specific workouts to improve your results.

Today "strong" artificial intelligence is still experimental, but could quickly emerge in different forms with for example the autonomous car (environmental analysis and decision making on the road) assistance to the person (learning languages ​​or behaviors and decision-making depending on the situation) or even security (facial recognition, identification of dangerous people, etc. ..).

AI and the web

Everything suggests that future relations between artificial intelligence and the internet will be very strong.

Today the web is the first source of information available for the AI ​​and allows it for example to use the maps available online allowing it to systematically update its GPS information.
The so-called "strong" AI needs to learn and nothing better than the web to access the information of millions of users and therefore millions of human behaviors.

You probably also had to identify signs, taxis or cats among the images given .. the famous "captcha". In fact, without knowing it, you were in the process of educating an artificial intelligence program ... Google first had the idea to involve its users via captchas to drive more complex programs, this concept is known as digital labor.

Artificial intelligence will undoubtedly be a real revolution for all the core business and especially for those who have to use digital daily.

Towards a new community management: Vox and Wibbitz software

Imagine a software that would automatically create a video for each article published on your blog ... Wibbitz software using artificial intelligence goes even further. Not only does it automatically create a video for all your articles but, in addition, it identifies the main keywords and shares the article on different media that correspond to those precise keywords by optimizing the referencing of each post. Even if your article is 10 pages long, the software intelligently summarize it in 1 or 2 paragraphs allowing it to be transcribed in video. This software is part of the new "AI powered" softwares that emerge and will revolutionize the digital business.

>> Watch the video << 

The number of solutions and possibilities with this kind of technology seems exponential and thus the AI ​​is widely questioned nowadays for fear of too deep transformation.

Artificial intelligence is at the heart of all technological, ethical and societal debates, as it seems to represent a considerable change in our lives. And you what do you think? AI, an exceptional technological feat or a risk for humanity?


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