Understand the terms and conditions of use in 3 min

Nicolas Schmitz, 2018/06/14

What is the role of legal notices and terms of use on a website? Are they mandatory?

Understand the terms and conditions of use in 3 min
No, it is certainly not the sexiest content of your website and no, it is not a major asset that will turn your web page into a selling machine.
The legal notices and the general terms and conditions  of use are however very important for a company wishing a web presence. At a time when the protection of individuals on internet is a main concern, it seemed essential, to us, to discuss these 2 elements of your website.


The terms and conditions of use or your website´s rules of procedure


There are two important things to know about terms and conditions, they are not mandatory and their absence does not question the legitimacy of the website.

Not imposed by law, but far from useless, in fact, these terms and conditions release the owner of any legal responsibility in case of fraudulent or unethical use. Including the terms of use on your website is like setting the rules that need to be respected in a community. In our case it refers to condemn any abusive behavior and/or non-compliant to the rules on your website.

In this context, the general conditions of use may include elements such as:

  •  The legal notices of your company
  • Conditions to access the site
  • How to create a visitor/customer account
  • Intellectual property
  • Personal data protection;
  • Publisher’s responsibility and limitations;
  • Visitor’s responsibility;
  • Jurisdiction and applicable law in case of dispute.

If your website is a sales area and therefore an e-commerce site, the general terms and conditions of use will become general terms and conditions of sale. In this case the terms and conditions are mandatory and  regulate the sale of products and services that you offer on your website.

Legal notices, imposed by law

The legal notices are essential for your website to be considered a legal website  according to the law. Generally, the legal notices are included in the terms of use of the website.
To ensure having legal notices that exactly correspond to the expectations of the  legislation, you can use online generators that will provide you with the latest developments following the recently updated General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this online generator tool has a new section dedicated to transparency on personal data and how it is collected on your website. For more details, read the article on GDPR here: https://subforce-solutions.com/en/article/0f0ccf68/all-about-cookies

Free platforms such as Orson.io or Donneespersonelles.fr offer GDPR-compatible legal notices that will meet the obligations in terms of data protection according to your website.

Subforce, with distinction!

At Subforce we are extremely careful about  the modifications around the legal notices and terms and conditions of use, that is why, we systematically propose lawful websites, compliant with the law requirements. We  take care of the legal issues so our customers do not have to worry about the update of the legal framework surrounding the internets sites.
To create a website for your company offers you new business opportunities on the online market. The Subforce team makes every effort to ensure that this is done properly.




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