One year creating quality websites using specific development

Anouk Jodry, 2018/01/10

SubForce... read the article to discover the success story

One year creating quality websites using specific development

Since the creation of SubForce, a lot has changed. We went through plenty of stages of development, and we have worked our way up the ranks. It was never effortless, nevertheless, nothing could hold us back. This is the story of a young entrepreneur full of ideas and wills, who created its company out of passion.

Throwback at the rise of our startup.


Antoine still reminisces about the creation of his startup, nothing led him to believe one year later the situation would have changed so fast. SubForce moved twice, the team grew from 1 to 3 persons (Antoine the director, Charles our Web Developer, and Anouk our project manager), and customer portfolio had more than triple. Everything began with his settle in Barcelona, the idea of creating his own company of website development that came into his mind. He wanted to offer quality websites, specifically suited to the needs of each client, and in this respect, he started from scratch every project.


Our goals

First, he wants to revolutionize the field of website creation...

...offering a more reliable and robust alternative to online website creation platforms called CMS (more info in our article Top 5 reasons to choose specific development instead of CMS)


Secondly, MAKE ACCESSIBLE precious knowledge... small companies willing to develop a rigorous project, but with limited funding, thanks to a monthly subscription, which allows paying a little amount each month.


The idea slowly took off, and gradually more clients were interested in our project. So we undertook their online draft: e-commerce, e-learning, service management platforms, showcase websites, … The team asserted its expertise, and at the end of the day, we all grew with the business.



Today SubForce cover the development and maintenance of more than ten websites and provides a real know-how and specific advice to each given scenario. The company benefits from the dynamism of the technological hub of Barcelona, with an office in the very heart of the city, in a dynamic co-working space. Great projects are coming in France, but also in Spain. This exciting adventure is just beginning… Happy Birthday, SubForce !




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