SEO: Reach the best online referencing

Pauline Jouve, 2017/08/16

Position and optimise your referencing using keywords to reach the best online visibility

SEO: Reach the best online referencing

How having the best referencing ?

Having a website is not enough, online visibility is unavoidable to attract many people:We talk about referencing.
We are going to look at optimisation methods for search engines (SEO: Search Engine Optimization) .

Of course, there is no magic solution to appear first in Google research. The ranking is the result of really complex algorithms set up by the search engines. However, in order to have a better understanding of referencing, we have analysed and tried to understand these mathematical formulae. Here are some key ideas to be more familiar with this matter.

Search engines reference a website page and not the entire website. When a user asks something to Google, the answer is the page of a particular website (not necessarily the home page).
To make the ranking of all the websites, Google will go through different steps:

  • The crawling
    Google sends robots which are going page by page using links. If the robot doesn’t go to your page, Google does not know your website therefore you will not be referenced.
  • Page analysis (once the robot is on your page)
    The robot analyses everything: title of the page, subtitles, content, address: Domain name, files' name, legend of pictures, …
    More details below
  • Indexing
    In the end, Google ranks your website depending of its results on the first and second step : The natural referencing is the result of pertinence and fame.



Your website page must be the most relevant answer at your customers questions in the search engine. That is why it is advised to:
Define and set up key words: at the right place and at the right format.
The content must be interesting and attractive in such way users spend the maximum amount of time on your website, reducing at the same time the bounce rate (percentage of single page visit, in other words the users percentage which leave quickly the website). A low rate is ideal for your referencing.

  • How to define key words?
    Your keywords would be the question of your customer, and also the answer of the search engine. It is in general four words.
    First, you should put yourself in the position of the customer, think about the search he may do and then list the keywords doing a brainstorming (services and products proposed, company's name, boss name, localisation,...).
    Next, you must learn about what is more searched on browses by internet users. Adword is an excellent tool for that, because it allows you to know if the chosen keywords are well referenced or not, to find linked keywords (what internet users also search) and to know keywords changes.
    You can finally have a look to your competitors keywords. Semrush would be a useful tool in order to analyse your and others page keywords.
    Also, it is advised to have one principal keyword by page and some secondary keywords.


  • What is the best place for keywords?
    You must put keywords in different places of your web page.
    First in the advertisement which appears in the wished search engine: title, title and sum up
    website keywords
    You have also to put keywords in the domain name of your website, website page title (tab), paragraphs title

    title/principal keyword,

    title/secondary keywords. Don’t forget to name images (Yes ! Description is ridden by robots), images description. (alt= “image title/keyword” )


  • What content?
    Using keywords is unavoidable for the referencing but you have to stay natural. Yours texts must be well-written, without misspellings and without copy and paste. Take note that your website must be suitable also for mobile and tablets uses, not only for computer browsing (responsive) and ergonomic.



Others website should talk about you more than you talk about them. The more you will manage to place your website links the better your referencing will be. If you manage to place your links on a well-know website your referencing will increase. Having a link on Wikipedia for exemple is better than having three links on an unknown directory.


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