What kind of entrepreneur are you?

Anouk Jodry, 2018/05/03

Subforce identified 4 different profiles, with 4 different perspectives about entrepreneurship. Which one are you ?

What kind of entrepreneur are you?

Being in touch on a daily basis with clients is definitely a good thing when it comes to establishing different profiles of entrepreneurs: we are able to identify some characteristics for each of them ! Subforce had a bit of fun describing 4 different types of entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is always a subjective experience.Everybody lives it from their own perspective and with their own personality. For some, the goal may be social recognition, the taste for challenge, to make this world a better place, or to fully experience their passion.. Subforce identified 4 different profiles, with 4 different perspectives about entrepreneurship. Which one are you ?


The leader

You were meant to lead, and you have a natural talent to imagine the best strategies for your business, and implement it. Though being undoubtedly a thoughtful person, you handle fieldwork successfully.
You enjoy being heard, and you are heard. Your ability to bring people together does not have to be proven. Charisma is one of your best assets and you inspire! Your business is probably built upon your network… A great combo to be successful !


The fighter

To become overwhelmed by the amount of work is not a problem for you, rather you find it highly motivating ! Each task is like a challenge. You work with your heart, always with the same enthusiasm and you eternal optimism. You succeed in being present on all fronts at the same time thanks to your meticulous organisation. No doubt that your pragmatic approach is an outstanding quality, and it helps you to face challenging conflicts and situations.


The idealist

You have the willingness to build your own business to make this world a better place. A bit of a dreamer undeniably. You unleash passion with your projects. Opening up a new market is like leaving for adventure… you hunger to live more new experiences. Nonetheless, you still set realistic objectives. Enjoying the challenge drives you to undertake new things.
In short, you are a real change maker, with your vision of opportunity.


The artist

You embark on the entrepreneurial journey because you are keen on your job and want to take it to the next level. True passion from the heart thrills you, and motivates you to launch your project. You are a specialist, and stake everything on your knowledge. You are your only judge, and often are a “free rider”. Make sure you have the competent support of a team of professionals. Knowing how to accept constructive comments gratefully will preserve you.



So, did you recognize yourself in one of the description? You may think 4 profiles is too few to describe the jungle of entrepreneurship, moreover because each one is a bit of a caricature… but they have their element of truth, don’t you think? In some ways, it looks like people randomly crossed, or met during a meeting, or even looks like you?



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